STREEM Master Mini Douche - Blue/Grey

STREEM Master Mini Douche - Blue/Grey
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The StreemMaster Mini Douche is an ideal solution for those occasions when a shower is not convenient. It can be quickly filled under a tap - no more drawing water into the bulb using suction. Also the secure nozzle-adapter will never pop-off while in use, even when being squeezed hard. The unique design uses a standard 3/4" diameter screw in nozzle base which allows ample room for cleaning and drying – the most important aspect of preventing mold and bacteria from forming. The nozzle stores away in the douche bulb with a clever “reversing” feature. The larger standard nozzle for the more experienced users is also provided. The bulb is 11 oz capacity and it’s Phthalate and latex free. The Mini douche comes with two nozzles – the standard 5” nozzle and the new StreemMaster designed “comfort" nozzle which has a gentle rounded tip designed to eliminate irritation during use; the comfort nozzle stores neatly away in the douche bulb when not in use. Blue/Grey.
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